About Aphrodisias

Aphrodisias named after Aphrodite because she has a sanctuary and a unique cult image in this city. In antiquity the sanctuary in Aphrodisias was distinctive with its cult of Aphrodite. The cult image of Aphrodite was a mixture of her Carian origins and several Anatolian deities.

The city, being close to a marble quarry, owned a famous sculpture school. It became a famous city in the Roman world with its beautifully built sculptures. Today a lot of sculptures are still in a good shape to see in Aphrodisias and Aphrodisias museum. Also Aphrodisias is know as one of best preserved ancient cities in Turkey. Aphrodisias mentioned in Suda, a massive Byzantine encyclopedia.

It is also famous among renowned scholars and philosophers. Xenocrates, who had been a student of Plato is believed to live in Aphrodisias.

Aphrodisias Tour Program

  • 09:30 Pick you up from your hotel and drive to Aphrodisias.
  • We will visit Sebasteion, Theater, Agora, Tiberius Portico, Hadrian Baths, Bishop Palace, Aphrodite Temple, Odeon, Stadium, Tetraphylon.
  • We will have free time for Aphrodisias museum.
  • We will have lunch in a local restaurant.
  • 15:30 Drive back to your hotel.

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